Monday, 16 January 2023



Tonight's Forecast

Tonight we are expecting an aurora activity of 3/9, N/E 5 m/s and -3°C. Moon is currently in Waning Crescent and 35% illuminated. Clear skies are forecasted in the area.

Aurora activity: 3/9
Weather conditions:  NE 5 m/s and -3°C
Cloud Cover: Clear sky is forecasted
Moon status: Waning Crescent 35% illuminated


Report from Eldey: Another beautiful clear night, albeit very cold due to the strong NE winds. Our captain Otto is a pro and found us a very sheltered spot between the island of Viðey and the peninsula Geldinganes  to gain shelter from the wind and minimise the chill. We could see the star constellations and Mars and Jupiter planets come and go as the low lying clouds moved speedily by. No sign of the northern lights unfortunately, something we were quite optimistic about due to the 3/9 planetary index and the amazing activity we had the night before.  Despite all that there was no activity until about 11pm when we were starting to make our way home. Suddenly a very faint streak started to appear to the north between two lines of clouds. The green was very difficult to make out with the naked eye but the camera confirmed it. After a few monies it disappeared again and we motored home. We decided to offer our passengers complimentary tickets in the hope they will have better success in their next aurora hunt. 

- Megan Whittaker