Tonight's Forecast

Tonight we are expecting aurora activity of 4/9, N 1 m/s and 0°C. The moon is currently full and 99.6% illuminated. Full high cloud coverage is forecasted in the area.

Aurora activity: 4/9 
Weather conditions: N 1 m/s and 0°C
Cloud Cover: Full high cloud coverage
Moon status: Full moon: 99.6%


Report from Eldey: Today there was a forecast of auroras of 4 out of 9, active. However, the clouds could possibly become an impediment. Also, today is one of the days that the star Algol can be seen shining brighter than usual. When we went out to sea we realized that the sky was covered with clouds, and as we know that it is a matter of patience and that some gaps in between the clouds appear we decided to enjoy the night sailing to the sound of music. Tonight we were lucky not to see that star shining as the legends say that it represents the glowing eye of the Medusa from the Greek mythology, and it is believed that the ones who gaze into her eyes of her would turn to stone. Fortunately for this reason we did not end up petrified and we continued on our way (eventhought it is just a fable, is good to know that if one gets petrified the cure is receiving love). Unfortunately we were out of luck and we were unable to admire the Northern Lights so we offered a complementary ticket to our guests. We hope to see them again soon, and the auroras! 

- Estel Sanchez Cami