Saturday, 4 March 2023

Tonight's Forecast

Tonight we are expecting an aurora activity of 3/9, N/W 1 m/s and 2°C. Currently the moon is Waxing Gibbous and 93% illuminated. Partly cloudy coverage is forecasted in the area. 

Aurora activity: 3/9
Weather conditions:  N/W 1 m/s and 2°C
Cloud Cover: Partly clouded sky
Moon status: Waxing Gibbous and 93% illuminated 


Report from Eldey: Tonight we sailed with some clouds in the sky but with hopes of the northern lights to appear on the sky. The kp index was quite low and some clouds started to show in the sky, unfortunately not a perfect start but even with these type of conditions we can see a lot of times northern lights. After a very nice boat ride and some lights from the stars we had to start to head back to the harbour. Since we didn't saw any northern lights the captain with the rest of the crew decided to give everyone complimentary tickets giving an opportunity to the passengers to rebook a northern light tour with elding again in hope to see some northern lights.

- Rodrigo Silva