Sunday, 22 January 2023



Tonight's Forecast

Tonight we are expecting an aurora activity of 2/9, W 11 m/s and 2°C. Currently the moon is Waxing Crescent and 1% illuminated. Clear skies are forecasted in the area.

Aurora activity: 2/9
Weather conditions:  W 11 m/s and 2°C
Cloud Cover: Clear skies is forecasted
Moon status: Waxing Crescent 1% illuminated


Report from Eldey: We set sail full of anti-seasickness pills ready for some potentially large waves. Having seen there was aurora activity before the tour we were hopeful of seeing some ourselves. The clouds were forecasted to clear throughout our tour like last night. However, unfortunately this never happened and we had a sky full of clouds. The activity we were monitoring online as well also appeared to calm during our tour. Tonight it seemed we were unlucky as can happen sometimes. We therefore offered all passengers complimentary tickets to come and see the lights in the future. We did get a sneak peak at the rougher waves further out which was a bit exciting. The swell at its worst was over 5-6m further out in the bay so we went out far enough during the tour we would see the lights if they happened but not too far to be caught in the large swell. But for a few minutes we got a taster of it which was interesting. Hopefully tomorrow night brings more northern lights again.

- Rob Hyman