Thursday, 14 September 2023

Tonight's Forecast

Tonight we are expecting an aurora activity of 4/9, SE 2 m/s and 6°C. Currently the moon is New Moon and 0% illuminated. Clear skies are forecasted in the area.

Aurora activity: 4/9
Weather conditions: SE 2 m/s and 6°C
Cloud Cover: Clear skies
Moon status: New moon and 0% illuminated


Report from Eldey: The forecast was as close as you can get to perfect, clear skies and a kp of 4!! The tour hadn´t even left the harbour and we already had northern lights right above us!! Passengers came with the tickets and they had already seen the lights as they entered Fífill. We ventured ourselves to the middle of the islands where the city lights can´t get us and we had a blast with all the colours in the starry dark sky! The lights lasted through all the duration of the tour and we could see all shapes and sizes that covered the sky in green, red and purple! There was a moment where the boat turned green with all the lights in the sky, a magical moment that I´ll never forget because this was also my first tour guiding! Everybody was entertained by the dancing lights, everybody was happy with their whale punch provided by Lasse at the bar! All good things must come to an end and the tour ended with still some faded northern lights right above us in the harbour.

- Pedro Teixeira