Thursday, 16 March 2023

Thursday, 16 March 2023


Tonight's Forecast

Tonight we are expecting an aurora activity of 3/9, E 5 m/s and -6°C. Currently the moon is in its Waning Crescent state and 34% illuminated. Partly clouded skies are forecasted in the area.

Aurora activity: 3/9
Weather conditions: E 5 m/s and -6°C
Cloud Cover: Partly clouded skies
Moon status: Waning Crescent and 34% illuminated


Report from Eldey: We started the night with a covered sky but a promising kp index of 3. The forecast said it was meant to clear up so we were all hoping for some northern lights to show up at some point during the tour. We sailed off the harbor in a very calm night with a soft breeze. It cleared up a bit so we could see some stars on top of us but it wasn't enough to see the lights. We decided to give complimentary tickets to the passengers so they could have another opportunity to see this amazing phenomenon another day.

-Nicolás Corral