Tonight's Forecast

 Tonight we are expecting an aurora activity of 4/9, S 5 m/s and 3°C. Moon is currently Waxing gibbous and 92.3% illuminated. Partial cloud coverage is forecasted in the area.

Aurora activity: 4/9 
Weather conditions: S 5 m/s and 3°C
Cloud Cover: Partial clouds
Moon status: Waxing gibbous:92.3%


Report from Eldey: The tour began with new restrictions due to the pandemic but our passengers were very understanding and we went out to sea with high hopes as the night was boded good, with a prediction of auroras of 5/9. The sea looked like it was going to be rough but it turned out to be better than expected. As we left the harbour, we were able to reveal a sky with some clouds that, as the night continued, moved away like the curtains of a theater, leaving a beautiful starry sky on stage. When taking pictures we discovered that some northern lights could be seen through our cameras. The cells of our retinas, the nocturnal photoreceptors, the rods, are not capable of perceiving colors, so with very weak auroras we still couldn't enjoy them with our naked eyes. All of our passengers and the crew wanted those lights to get stronger and more energetic, and they did. Suddenly those soft lights were taking more energy and strength, and we could enjoy them enormously with our naked eyes. Now yes, other photoreceptors in our eyes, in this case the cones, which work with high luminosity and do perceive colors, could detect such powerful lights. And the auroras borealis radiated with different colors, blue, purple, green. They were truly memorable moments: with cries of surprise and smiles, families hugging and for some of our guests perhaps it was the first time they saw such a special phenomenon. At first we could see an arch, and even two arches, and little by little it became the form of bands of dancing rays. The spectacular rays reached the port and they painted Reykjavík in colours. An amazing night to remember.

- Estel Sanchez Cami