Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Wednesday, 6 October 2021


Tonight we are expecting an aurora activity of 3/9, W 4-6 m/s and 4°C. Moon is currently New moon and 0.9% illuminated. Partly high level cloud coverage is forecasted in the area.

Aurora activity: 3/9
Weather conditions: W 4-6 m/s and 4°C
Cloud Cover: Partly cloudy
Moon status: New moon: 0.9% 


Report from Eldey: We sailed out on a chilly cold Icelandic winter night under the stars but we stayed warm, using the onboard overalls and hot chocolate that can be purchased at the cafeteria. We were very hopeful as the Leirvogur Magnetic Observatory was showing a lot of activity at 6pm (a time were it was still too bright to see them). Those with a good camera could make out the green glow of the northern lights to the north but nothing was visible to the naked eye. Whilst we waited for the northern lights to become more active we enjoyed the early illumination of the Imagine Peace Tower, probably preparing it for the ceremony on Saturday, the day of John Lennon's birthday. Soon the clouds started to roll in and the stars started to disappear, also the time to start heading back to port. Unfortunately no northern lights could be seen by the naked eye  so we offered our passengers complimentary tickets to return again. A frustrating start to a new Northern Lights season for passengers and tour operators alike, with many evenings of bad weather, cloudy skies or too low activity. Let’s hope aurora borealis starts showing itself soon. 

- Megan Whittaker