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    Whale diary

    Polar Geomagnetic Storms expected in the following days!

    In the next couple of days we may expect a very unusual high levels of aurora activity due to geomagnetic storms coming from the sun. The KP-index is expected to be about 5-6 on the scale of 0-9, which is quite promising news!

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    "The Kp-index is the global geomagnetic storm indexand is based on 3 hour measurements of the K-indices, for a given value, for each of the past days. The K-index itself is a three hour long quasi-logarithmic local index of the geomagnetic activity, relative to a calm day curve for the given location."

    "Our planet’s magnetosphere, that is the magnetic bubble that surrounds the Earth, is full of particles from the sun that reach our planet through bursts of solar winds, these particles eventually penetrate the defenses of the magnetic field of our planet. Today researchers know that these particles are able to penetrate as they travel through magnetic fields that directly link the ground floor with the sun’s atmosphere."