Responsible Tourism Project


The program Responsible Tourism involves setting goals in four key elements, which are:

Demonstrate exemplary behaviour and respect for nature

- We recycle all waste that comes from our boats and offices and encourage our guests to do the same
- Ecofriendly purchasing 
- Elding is a member of Vakinn, an Icelandic quality and environmental system as well as being certified by Blueflag and Earth Check
- We set the goal to increase our recycling up to 60% for 2018 and 75% before 2020

Ensure the safety  of guests and treat them courteously

- Active safety policy
-A safety committee within Elding
- Risk assessments
- Healt and Safety system

Respect the rights of employees

- Human Resource Policy
- Employee briefings
- Management training

Have a positive impcat on the local community

- Employing local staff
- Elding takes parts in local research
- School groups welcome
- Support local festivals and events