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Friday, 25 June 2021




A fair wind was blowing from a southerly direction this morning, stirring up a small wind swell that continued to build throughout the day. It made spotting a little tougher but by no means impossible. Many birds were seen feeding at the surface, including northern gannets which haven´t been seen in a couple of days. The birds carried out their job well as they led us to a minke whale that was seen to be moving very quickly. As we waited for it to resurface, the whale breached twice, displaying its body for the lucky passengers that witnessed this rare behaviour. After the breaches, the whale evaded our gaze once more. Soon however, a pod of 5-7 white beaked dolphins were performing some acrobatics, leaping from the water and turning, violently hitting the water as they crashed back down. Amongst the dolphins was a humpback whale that was clearly interacting with the dolphins in some manner. This interaction continued for several minutes with some pod members surfing in the waves. The animals amazingly went below and were seen no more.

- Mike

Birds observed: northern gannets, black-legged kttiwakes, herring gulls, greater black backed gulls, lesser black backed gulls, puffins, common guillemot, black guillemot, razorbill, arctic terns, fulmars 

We've decided to cancel our 13:00 Classic Whale Watching today due to strong winds in the bay. Please contact our ticket office for more information ( / +354 519 5000). 

We are running our 9:00  Whale Watching tour today but we're expecting some wind on the bay. We have cancelled our Premium tours due to the wind.

Please contact our ticket office for more information ( / +354 519 5000). 

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