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Saturday 21 August 2021

Saturday 21 August 2021


Report from Eldey: This morning the sky was cloud covered and the wind was not strong but present. The weather improved through the course of the tour, the winds calmed down, making out eventful journey even more enjoyable.  Eventually our paths crossed with a small group of 3 shy harbour porpoises that were not willing to approach the boat. But undeterred by the efforts and covering a large area of the Faxaflói bay, the search of other cetaceans remained unsuccessful this morning. We had a summer wonderland landscape surrounding us with a great visibility throughout the tour. The Fagradalsfjall volcano delighted us with the privilege of seeing its volcanic activity from the sea. We enjoyed our trip nonetheless and offered all our passengers complimentary tickets to come again in the coming two years. 

- Estel Sanchez Cami


Report from Þruma: We headed in a north westerly direction to begin with as the sea was slightly smoother. The wind was blowing from the north east and this region we traveled to was sheltered a little more by the mountain ranges. We found one minke whale moving calmly towards the north and we were able to watch two full surface sequences before losing sight of the animal. We searched far and wide, eventually heading to the south to watch a pod of 10 white-beaked dolphins that had been made aware to us by a colleague. We watched the animals from a safe distance and allowed the dolphins to dictate our diatnce. They approached once, swam under the boat and moved away at speed. The dolphins maintained a distance of 50 metres from us as we travelled parallel to them.

- Mike Smith


Report from Eldey: In the afternoon the weather was still cloudy but calm with excellent visibility. Only half an hour out the harbour we spotted a pod of 5 harbour porpoises. When moving on, we had a pod of likely 8 white-beaked dolphins, maybe more, some swimming slowly and calmy, and other showing very playful and curious behavior. Shortly after we found another small pod of about 5 harbour porpoises that could be seen from afar. And on the way back we found another pod of 2 harbour porpoises which were surprisingly jumping, and few minutes later another pod of 5 swimming in the distance. As Robert Merle said "Never go to sea without a porpoise". What a marvelous afternoon we had out in Faxaflói bay.

- Estel Sanchez Cami



Report from Þruma: Rain and wind settled at the start of this trip, with just a light drizzle falling on our way out. We journeyed straight to the furthest reaches of our search area, to where the wildlife was encountered last. Just short of the area a small pod of three harbour porpoises were seen and we slowed to give our passengers a good view of this normally neglected species and we were rewarded with the group approaching to within 10 metres from the stern of the RIB. Once the left we sighted a minke whale a little further out. We were able to easily follow this whale as it was traveling slowly, staying on one course without any deviation. We watched the whale surface many times from a respectable distance. During the whole encounter many more scattered pods of porpoises were seen. In total as many as 20-30 individuals for the entire trip. We joined another boat for 5 minutes at the end to watch two more minkes that were in close proximity to one another then headed home.

- Mike Smith


Report from Eldey: Endurkoma, that´s the word in icelandic for this one. It means return ticket. I hope people will come back maximum in two years time and try again to find whales. People on this tour were very hopeful, we even had some marine biologists on board. Unfortunately, we only encountered a pod of 4 to 5 harbour porpoises around the boat. Our passengers showed great enthusiasm when they saw them though. Lovely cheerfulness on board. Best of things.

- Jorge Pascual

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