Viðey Ferry:

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Thursday 1 July 2021


Report from Elding: This morning was a little miserable with the weather but amazing with the animals. We had little to no wind, maybe 3-4 m/s, less than 0.5m swell which were very long and hardly felt and just overcast skies and drizzle. We sailed for about 1.5 hours before we saw our first whale sightings, a humpback whale that was being very playful with 4 (2 mothers and calves) white-beaked dolphins. At first we thought the whale was getting annoyed by the dolphins but after closer analysis we could see the whale was just rolling and having fun with them. It was just amazing to observe. Two wild species interacting with each other. It was beautiful. A minke whale also popped up a little in the distance but only a few passengers saw this. Too entertained by the humpback. On the way home we enjoyed the comfort of the heated saloon and warm beverage that can be purchased onboard.

- Megan Whittaker


Report from Þruma RIB: Visibility was limited due to thick fog that hung in the bay. Sea conditions however, were great, flat water and zero wind. We started the tour by heading out west, hoping that the fog would dissipate as time progressed. In the end, the weather did not have any bearing on the tour as we found a humpback whale that calmly moved  through one of our main search locations. The whale was very accommodating, surfacing several times before lifting its fluke whilst performing dives. The whale did this many times and on one occasions surfaced on our left, swam beneath our RIB and resurfaced on our right. Once we left the whale to journey home we encountered a very inquisitive pod of 5-7 white beaked dolphins. The pod playfully swam around our vessel, bow riding and displaying their agility as they darted from side to side. Our time with the dolphins was limited as we found them late but they definitely provided a great deal of entertainment.

- Mike Smith


Report from Elding: The afternoon tour was just so nice. There was no wind, nor rain and just a hint of the swell we have been experiencing the last days. It was beautiful to see the reflection of the birds and whales on the waters surface and the bay was full on life. We must have seen at least 8 different minke whales and a small more elusive pod of 5 white-beaked dolphins. The minkes surfaced so close we were able not only to see them well but smell them too, very stinky breath. They don’t have the nickname sticky minke for no reason. The birdlife was plentiful with puffins speedily flying past, arctic terns skimming the waters for tiny crustaceans and fulmars gliding close to the surface. We sailed home with quiet and comfort. A relaxing but plentiful tour.

- Megan Whittaker


Report from Þruma RIB: The conditions continued into the afternoon and we headed into the bay hopeful of another successful tour and we were not disappointed. Many minke whales were sighted throughout the trip due to the tremendously flat seas. Their dark grey bodies noticeable against the paler water. Where possible we turned the engines off, floating without any noise or disturbance as we watched the minkes pass by. white beaked dolphins were also spotted for a brief time but we chose to leave this pod of 5-6 individuals alone as they performed a dive upon our slow approach and resurfaced a little further away. We decided it was best to leave them in peace and continue our search elsewhere. 

- Mike Smith


Report from Elding: It got a little chilly on this evening tour and there was still some swell coming in from the southwest but all in all it was a very lovely midnight tour. We good to encounter at least 10 different minke whales with the closest surfacing about 20m from us and a few times too. We were able to actually photograph them because usually they are not the easiest to capture unless you have experience. It was starting too late and we were on our way home when a blow and a large dorsal fin was seen side by side. Once closer we saw that it was a humpback whale with a small pod of about 5 white-beaked dolphins with it. The humpback was difficult, surfacing once or twice then going for long dives. We tried to see it a few times and then we really had to start heading back. On the way home we warmed up in the heated saloon and enjoyed a hot chocolate purchased at the bar. YUM.

- Megan Whittaker

Bird Species ID´d today: Northern Gannet, Atlantic Puffin, Manx Shearwater, Common Guillemot, Arctic tern, Arctic skua, Northern Fulmar, Kittiwake, Eider Duck, great-black backed gull, lesser black-backed gull, herring gull.


Today we will be operating on Þruma RIB for our 10:00 Premium tour and our lovely vessel Elding for the 09:00 and 13:00 Classic tour. Make sure to dress appropriately for the tours as it is always colder on sea than on land. Join us by booking online or contact us directly for more information ( / +354 519 5000).

COVID-19: Keep in mind that passengers and crew are asked to ensure their own hygiene and safety at all times. Washing hands thoroughly with soap and using a hand sanitiser is advised. Masks are not mandatory but are recommended in areas where keeping distance from others is not possible.