Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Today we will be operating on our lovely vessel Eldey for the 09:00 and 13:00 Classic Whale Watching tours. Make sure to dress appropriately for the tours as it is always colder on sea than on land.


COVID-19: Keep in mind that passengers and crew are asked to ensure their own hygiene and safety at all times. Washing hands thoroughly with soap and using a hand sanitiser is advised. Masks are not mandatory but are recommended in areas where keeping distance from others is not possible.

The seas may be rough, so as always, we have sea sickness tablets available free of charge at our ticket office.

Join us by booking online or contact us directly for more information ( / +354 519 5000). 


Report from Eldey: This morning’s tour clearly showed that winter is coming soon: it was still quite dark when we departed, the air was cold and the wind was strong. When the darkness made way for the sun however, the view of the landscape and the orange and pink skies were beautiful. We sailed out past Akranes and spotted some splashing harbour porpoises that we could enjoy for a few minutes. The rest of the tour, we scanned as far as we could see but we didn’t see any bigger animals anywhere. We therefore offered our passengers complimentary tickets to get the chance to come for another whale-watching adventure where we will hopefully have more luck with finding the whales and dolphins of Faxaflói.

- Eline van Aalderink



Report from Eldey: The wind had calmed since the morning tour, but there was some swell in the sea that made the boat a bit rocky from time to time. Even though it was cloudy, openings in the clouds revealed light yellow and blue skies and we could clearly see the snow covered mountains and other landmarks around us. We had sailed about an hour when we saw the dorsal fins of approximately 8-10 white-beaked dolphins. These dolphins were moving in all directions and were always turning up at unexpected sides of the boat, but suddenly they all started porpoising towards the North very fast. We were able to catch up with the dolphins and enjoyed them as they slowed down and came closer to our boat. We decided to leave the dolphins to search for other animals. We crossed another pod of 3-5 white-beaked dolphins but nothing else in the area. It is in the very end when we were heading back that we finally found 3 humpback whales. They came very close to our boat, relaxed and probably curious about our boat, because they came towards us, dove under the boat and reappeared in our back, still extremely close of us. It was amazing to see them through the water, calmly surfacing next to each other, with the wonderful landscape in the back. At the same time there was a third pod of 8-10 white-beaked dolphins a bit further away, and we brought our attention on them when the humpbacks were invisible under the surface. Unforgettable experience.

- Miquel Pons