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    How should I dress for the tour? 
    There is no dress code but we always recommend dressing warmly as it is a bit colder on the water than in land. On board we offer use of warm floatable overalls, raincoats and blankets free of charge but gloves and hats might come in handy, especially during the winter months.

    I am prone to sea sickness, is the tour advisable for me? 
    It depends on the conditions on the day of the tour. In the ticket office you can get the best available information about the conditions at sea. You can come on the day of the tour or the day before and we will advise you what to do. We also offer free motion sickness tablets if you want to take one before the tour. If our recomendations is not to do the tour on a particular day, we can also help you alter your travel itinerary if needed.

    Do you sell any refreshments on board? 
    Yes, Elding whale watching boats have an on board café where you can buy light refreshments during the tour.

    Are there toilets on board? 
    Yes, Elding boats have all the toilet facilities you would expect.

    Do you offer discounts for children? 
    Yes, check our prices for special children fares on each tour.

    Do you offer discounts for groups? 
    Please contact our sales office at elding [at] with your details and we will be happy to make you an offer.

    Do you offer wheel chair access? 
    Yes our boats are wheel chair accessible. However, each boat has more than one level and there is no elevator on board. This means little or limited access to indoor area, toilets and on board café.

    I am pregnant, can I join the tour?
    Yes, you are able to join the tour if you are pregnant. We do however recommend asking about weather conditions and sea state before embarking, as pregnant women can often be more vulnerable to sea sickness.

    What is the minimum age for children to go unsupervised on a tour?
    Children under the age of 15 cannot go alone on board unless we have some form of confirmation of permission from the parents.

    Do you offer hotel pick up? 
    Yes we offer pick up and drop off at hotels and guesthouses in Reykajvík area for an additional charge.

    Is there parking close by? 
    Yes, about 300 m from our ticket office there is a large gravel parking lot where you can park free of charge. GPS: N64°09’08’’ W21°56’55 / N64 09.141 W21 56.926

    My tour was cancelled. What do I do next? 
    The Elding team happily advises and assists you to find a new departure date if possible when the weather conditions are better. No charge is made on our behalf if you cannot join our tour due to cancellation of the tour.


    If you can't find the answer to your question(s), please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. You can send an e-mail to elding [at] or call +354 519 5000.