Wednesday, 14 February 2024

Wednesday, 14 February 2024

Today we will be operating on our lovely vessel Eldey for the 9:00 and 13:00 Classic Whale Watching tour. Make sure to dress according to weather, as it is usually colder at sea than on land.

  • CLASSIC WHALE TOUR | 9:00, 13:00


Report from Eldey: Today the sun rising behind the mountains greeted us with the most orange and beautiful skies. Not even 3 minutes after we left the harbour, we could spot our first blow, and in the same direction, another one, followed by a fluke dive. We had 2 humpback whales around! We watched the first one going for deep dives and then returning to the surface and logging a bit, starting the morning very slowly. The second whale was a bit more active, going for fast deep dives showing the fluke in the air and not taking even 2 min to come back, in another spot and super fast. We stayed a bit with these individuals, enjoying the fact that we were alone. Both of them came very close to the boat, we could hear the blow and probably people on the bow of the boat could get a bit of the blow on their faces. We then decided to sail a bit out to another region but we could notice a grey seal on the back of the boat rolling and trying to follow us like a puppy. We then found a 3rd humpback whale on the other side of the island! This one, followed by the amount of seabirds in the area, indicated a lot of food in the area, as it was going for deeper dives actively and coming back very fast. On the way back to the harbour, we spotted the 2 humpbacks that we saw in the beginning and decided to say goodbye. It was an amazing sighting, one of them came very close, side by side to our boat once again. What an amazing way to start our day, for sure!

- Milla Brandao


Report from Eldey and Hafsúlan: What a great tour! We were literally surrounded by humpback whales!!! During our tour we managed to see 3 of them! The first humpback was just outside the harbour! We met this individual just after ten minutes of sailing. We spent some time with it, and then we proceed towards Esja Mount until we met the second individual. After a few shows of its beautiful flukes we kept going and met another humpback whale. This one was very fast and active! Everybody was amazed by the sightings of the day.


-Rosalinda Cipro


Bird species encountered today include:

eider duck, Northern gannet, Icelandic gull, herring gull, black-backed gull, common gull, European shag, great cormorant, razorbill, black guillemot.


Wildlife encountered today:


The Humpback Whale is quite spectacular undergoing the longest migration of any mammal (5176miles/8334km one way), attracting females by singing to them and of course their energetic nature. On many occasions humpbacks have been seen breaching, tail slapping, fin slapping, blowing bubbles and spy hopping just to mention a few. The humpback is also one of the larger whales we encounter

grey seal

Grey seals are generally distinguished from harbour seal by their straight head and fewer spots. Males are darker and larger than the females who tend to be a silver, grey or brown in color. Grey seals and harbour seals are the only seals that have been reported breeding in Icelandic waters.