Atlantic Halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus)


Atlantic Halibut are the largest bonefish around Iceland and can grow to a staggering 5m in length and an old age of 50 years. It has now been overfished considerably to the stature that it is no longer a targeted commercial fish, however it is still found in bycatch of other groundfish fishing methods such as Danish Seine and Trawlers. Halibut caught as bycatch is to be released if possible, if not it should be sold at an open market and the value donated to the Marine Research Institute. Halibut becomes sexually mature a lot later than most other species at 7-14 years of age, males earlier than females. This alone means a slow rate of population growth which overfishing has almost caused its extinction in the wild.

Average length from catches: Varies greatly, max length caught is 4.3m
Age reaching sexual maturity: 7-14 years
Average life span: Max life span is ~ 50 years
Spawning Season: March, April, May
Habitat: Benthic
Diet: Crustaceans, prawns, small fish
IUCN world status: Endangered (ban on direct fishing)
Threats: Climate change, over fishing, habitat destruction, pollution
Other Names: Lúða, Hellefisk, Helleflyndre, Kveite, Storkveite, Helleflynder, Heilbutt, Flétan de l'Atlantique, Kalvi, Flétán, Halibut, Aalabote, Alabote-do-Atlântico, Pltus atlanttsjeskij