Saithe (Pollachius virens)


Saithe looks a bit like haddock but whereas the haddock has a black lateral line the pollack has a white lateral line. Juveniles stay in the shallow waters around Iceland and then head to deeper waters as grow especially, in the South and West of Iceland, which are the main feeding grounds. Saithe is a very important commercial fish in Iceland and is sold all over the world especially in Germany where there is a long tradition to eat it.

Average length from catches: 70-110 cm
Age reaching sexual maturity: 5-6 years
Average life span: Unknown
Spawning Season: Late Winter to Early Spring (Jan –Mar)
Habitat: Benthopelagic
Diet: Krills and small juvenile fish
IUCN Listing: Not Evaluated
Threats: Climate change, over fishing, habitat destruction, pollution
Other Names: Ufsi, Gråsej, Sej, Sei, Köhler, Seelachs, Colin, Goberge, Lieu noir, Carbonero, Colín, Escamudo, Paloco, Sjda