Arctic Skua (Stercorarius parasiticus)

The arctic skua is the main skua species that we encounter on our tours. They are well known for their parasitic behavior called kleptoparasitism, stealing eggs, chicks and fish from other seabirds. The air battles are particularly impressive to watch.

Average Length: 44 cm
Average Weight: 450 g
Wingspan: 118 cm
Diet: Birds, small rodents, eggs, fish usually through piracy
Est. population around Iceland: ~ 10,000 pairs
Residence Period: Mid April to Late August
Nesting habitat: Coastal tundra
Nesting Period: Late May to Early July
Clutch size (No eggs): 2
Incubation time (days): 25-28
Fledging time: 25-30
Typical life span (years): 12
Age at first breeding (years): 4
IUCN world Status: Least concern
Major Threats: Climate change, predation, habitat disturbance
Other Names: Kjói, Merikihu, Schmarotzerraubmöwe, Labbo, Wydrzykostrosterny, Págalo parasite, KleineJager, Labbe parasite, Ékfarkúhalfarkas, Tyvjo, Moleiro-parasítico, Labb