Black Guillemot (Cepphus grylie)

Black Guillemot

These are the smallest goose species seen in Iceland. They are frequently seen on the two Puffin colonies we visit Lundey/Akurey. This species are more of a seabird than other geese spending most of their time feeding on the seaweed and other vegetation in shallow seas. They don’t breed in Iceland but seen in their thousands in autumn as they stop in Iceland to feed before they continue on with their migration.

Average Lenght: 58 cm
Average Weight: 1.5 kg
Wingspan: 115 cm
Diet: Grazes on a variety of coastal and arable plants
Est. population around Iceland: 38,000 autumn
Residence Period: April to May and September to October
Nesting habitat: Non breeder to Iceland
Nesting period: Non breeder to Iceland
Clutch size (No eggs): No Data
Incubation time (days): No Data
Fledging time: No Data
Typical life span (years): No Data
Age at first breeding (years): No Data
Major Threats: Killed by farmers for eating crops, Avian influenza, predation from Arctic Foxes, reduction of food supply due to a disease affecting the Eelgrass, which is a large part of their diet.

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