Rob Hyman

Rob started as a research intern with Elding in the summer of 2022. During this summer he completed a project looking at the site fidelity of the humpback whales coming to Akureyri and Reykjavík. He then came back in November of that year to start working as a naturalist whilst continuing the research. By March 2023 he was a senior guide. Prior to coming to Elding, Rob worked as an intern in Greece and the UK focusing on cetacean research. He has a biology Masters degree from the University of York in the UK.

Working at Elding has been brilliant. From starting off researching the humpback whales to now talking about them on the boats has been so much fun. Everyday is so different which makes it even more exciting. We also have a really nice team here so it is really enjoyable to work with the crew onboard.

Rob speaks fluent English.

Senior Naturalist & Deckhand
00354 519 5000