Sunday, 4 February 2024

Sunday, 4 February 2024



Report from Eldey: We ventured into the sea with enough light to see ahead of us some cetaceans. The first sighting was the 3 humpback whales swimming on the channel! We stayed with a couple of whales that seemed to be feeding side by side. Suddenly one of them came to the surface and its head emerged completely from underwater to show us what a lunge feed is like! The sun wasn't even up and some active whales were swimming around us. This pair never got too far from us, ending up resting together on our portside just 10 metres away from us. The grey seals were also inquisitive to see our vessel so close to the shore and they came to greet us! The other humpback was swimming a bit too far from us but eventually came to check us out, and when that happened one of the pair of whales did a tail slap, like it was calling its mate for a chat. They went on to do another nap together and we decided to leave them alone and go back to the harbour!

- Pedro Teixeira


Report from Eldey: This afternoon we decided to go to the same area we saw the whales in the morning. We first spotted 2 big blows, and as we got there, we realized we still had 2 humpback whales sleeping. One logging on the surface, while the other one was very slow doing shallow dives next to it. In silence, we observed these individuals taking a nap together. We kept our distance, but with the movement of the current and the whales themselves, we always got very close to it. They didn't seem annoyed about us, otherwise they would have woken up or turned the other way. So we kept looking at them so peaceful, sleeping and coming so so close. When another boat joined us, we went to another spot where we saw another humpback, also calm, but going for deeper dives. We didn't spend a long time with it, and decided to check another spot. There it was, a 4th humpback, also very relaxed! This one popped up  right in front of us and even rolled, showing its side, pectoral fins, fluke, before moving to another direction. We came back to the sleeping friends of the begining and they were still very calm, but this time they came so close to the boat, that we could reach them if we could. The whales were very peaceful and calm, resting on the surface, taking all the time in the world, giving a lot of Sunday vibes. Amazing sightings with an amazing weather, and off we went back to the harbour, extremely satisfied!

- Milla Brandao

Bird species seen today include:

Northern fulmar, glaucous gull, great black backed gull, lesser black backed gull, herring gull, Iceland gull, eider duck, razorbill, black guillemot, great cormorant, European shag