Saturday, 19 November 2022

northern lights cruise



Tonight's Forecast

Tonight we are expecting an aurora activity of 5/9, S 3m/s and 7°C. Moon is currently Waning Crescent and 23% illuminated. Partly clouded sky is forecasted in the area tonight.

Aurora activity: 5/9
Weather conditions: S 3m/s and 7°C
Cloud Cover: Partly clouded
Moon status: Waning Crescent: 23% illuminated


Report from Eldey: The forecast for tonight's northern lights cruise was very promising. The sky was set to only be partially covered by clouds which we hoped would allow for a great show with the solar activity at 5/9. As we left the harbour we soon realised this may not be the case. Everywhere we looked were clouds. Passengers were still enjoying a relaxing evening on board with calm winds. Slowly the clouds were beginning to spread out and gaps were appearing in the night sky. We could now make out some stars in between the clouds. As well as stars we could now make out a slight green hue appearing between some clouds on cameras. We were hoping this would be the start of a great night with the lights becoming visible to the naked eye but unfortunately the clouds covered this up again quickly. The same event happened again nearer the end of the tour. Rain then started to fall bringing some passengers inside to the warmth and shelter. We offered complimentary tickets to all our passengers to have better luck again in the future. Hopefully they will get to see this beautiful phenomena. 

- Rob Hyman