Eline van Aalderink

Eline collaborated with Elding for her master’s thesis about minke whales in 2019, and she has come back in 2021 as a naturalist and Elding’s research coordinator. Eline has studied cetaceans and seabirds all over the world, but she feels most at home onboard our whale-watching tours, where she can combine her passion for whales and working in the tourism industry with her Icelandic heritage. As the research coordinator Eline is also excited to find out more about the individuals we encounter on our tours and to help fill gaps in the knowledge of cetaceans in Icelandic waters.

I love many things about working with Elding: I feel incredibly lucky to experience whales and dolphins in their natural environment every day and to share unforgettable moments with our passengers. I am also proud that our company does everything it can to be environmentally friendly and spends a lot of effort promoting research and conservation. For me as a marine biologist, protecting the oceans is my professional as well as personal priority and what better way to motivate people to care about the environment than to show them some of the most amazing creatures of nature.

Eline speaks fluent Dutch, Icelandic, English as well as conversational French and German.

Eline van Aalderink naturalis guide and research coordinator
Senior Naturalist & Research Coordinator
00354 519 5000